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    Stanford Math Circle Waitlist - Fall Quarter 2023

    Stanford Math Circle is for students who are passionate and excited about mathematics and want to see and do more. Stanford Math Circle is not a remediation or tutoring program.

    You may submit this form to add your student to the Waitlist for Stanford Math Circle, Fall Quarter 2023. If you have multiple students you would like to add to the waitlist, you will need to submit one form per student. Please note that Math Circle sections take place at set times between approximately 4pm and 8pm Pacific Time. If attending an online event in that timeframe does not work with your usual schedule or time zone, please don’t add your student to the waitlist.
    Student Birthdate
    Student Birthdate
    Permanent Address
    Permanent Address
    Please select at least one section preference below. Section times can be found on our website at following pages:

    Grades 1-2
    Grades 3-4
    Grades 5-6
    Grades 7-8
    Grades 9-12